Whether we like it or not; the subject of homework has come to stay in our education system. No matter the hatred of students towards homework; they cannot do without it if the hope of making steady progress in their academic pursuits is to be sustained.

We shall be talking about the sensitive issue of focus while students are doing their homework out of school premises and outside school hours. There are loads of distractions in the home and this is the major reason why students fail to concentrate on their homework.  The following tips will help guarantee focus while students take charge of their assignments in the home:

  • Your physical needs: It is not possible to retain your mind and guarantee focus if you are hungry. When you get back from school; it is important to first take care of your physical needs before you think of doing something about your homework. Never work on an empty stomach or with a full bladder!
  • Conducive place: Get a place in the home where you are going to get less distraction during the course of doing the homework. It should be a quiet place in the home that is detached from environmental and noise pollution. Get a special place that you are going to get accustomed to. The environment should be inviting; one that will bring out the very best out of you.
  • Put away mobile devices: If you want to be business-like; then you have to cut yourself away from the internet. Put away your phone and other electronic gadgets that will not give you the opportunity to concentrate fully on the assignment. Tempting apps or sites on your computer should be blocked while you are doing your homework. You should be far away from the television and your mobile should be far away from you.
  • Water and healthy snacks: There is a need to energize yourself. Water and healthy snacks will be useful companions. You need foods that will keep you hydrated. Foods such as: Whole grains; Healthy proteins, like fish, beans, or nuts; Blueberries, and Leafy greens will be a useful help in this direction.
  • Take breaks: There is a limit to which you can task the brain. When you have spent a maximum of 90 minutes or less working on an assignment; it is important to take a break. Take about 15 minutes off the assignment. You must be cut off completely during this time. When you come back, you are going to be refreshed and ready to go!
  • Switch tasks: In a situation where you are having problems with a particular assignment; leave it and move to one that is easier. There is a limit to which the brain can go. When you switch to assignments that are less difficult; you can move back to the difficult assignment later. This way, it will be possible to sustain your flow.

Final thoughts

If you want to retain the focus while executing your homework; the tips above will be of valuable help.


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