There is no agreement on the subject of homework. While some schools of thought believe that it is a necessary tool that aids the learning process; others are of the belief that it makes no sense to give homework to students after they have left the four falls of the classroom.

We shall be taking a look at a list of the pros and cons that the two camps bring out for or against the sustenance of homework in the classroom.

The pros

  • Reduces screen time: it is one of the best ways to increase better study habits in the kids. When the kids have homework to attend to; they are going to have reduced time to watch the TV. This will impact positively on their study habit
  • More time to complete the learning process: The time allocated to each lesson in the class is short. When students do their homework, it will give more time to complete the lesson that was not concluded in the classroom
  • Comfortable place to study: There is no way to compare the classroom environment to what obtains in the home. When students take home their assignment; it will give them the opportunity of studying from the cozy comforts of their homes.
  • Communication link: It serves as a means of creating a communication link between the teacher on one side and the combination of kids with their parents on the other hand. Parents will get to know what they were not privileged to know during school hours.
  • Time management skills: When students realize that they have to execute their homework; it teaches them time management skills. They will organize their schedules properly.
  • Encourages the practice of discipline: When students are made to repeat an assignment time and time again; it encourages the art of discipline in the student.

The cons

Let us take a look at the flip side of homework. Here are some of the cons that are argued comes with homework delivery.

  • It is geared towards a benchmark: The students take long hours working on their homework. They often get tired out during the process and end up not absorbing any useful information.
  • Too much homework is assigned: The majority of teachers are not properly schooled on how to use homework as a test of knowledge. They assign too much of it at a time.
  • It encourages cheating: Students can easily go online to get answers to the questions they are expected to execute individually.
  • Accurate practice is not guaranteed: Some parents stand in for and execute the homework on behalf of their kids.
  • It is difficult to enforce: Some students do not care about doing their homework. They can achieve the grades that mattered without the grades allocated to homework.
  • Discourages creative endeavors: When students are forced to sit down and do their homework; other creative endeavors are discouraged.
  • Encourages sedentary lifestyle: When students sit down for long periods to execute their assignment; it goes to encourage sedentary lifestyle

Final thoughts

We have presented the arguments for and against homework above. You can now take your stand for or against the subject of homework.

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