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Overview on Online Education

Advancing Careers through Technology

In a recent job market where it’s crucial to get a degree and set an example in front of employers who are emphasizing more on a sound educational profile, working adults have got an option to get a degree that fits in their busy schedules. It’s true that online education is certainly a revolutionary way that encompasses technology and education and provides a hassles free mode which doesn’t requires you to travel and attend classes or give huge amount of fees.
Learn more about online education, importance and acceptance and the basic advantages and disadvantages of online education from here.

Online Education, What’s It All About?

Online education describes learning done at a computer, usually connected to a network, giving us the opportunity to learn almost anytime, anywhere.
Also known as e-Learning, online learning, distance education or distance learning, it’s different from traditional form of education as students are not required to visit classroom or travel to attend the college premises.

Who Needs Online Education?

Online education is not for everyone, it’s an option for working adults, students and professionals who want to further their careers without troubling their busy schedules and ruining their family life. Online education takes away all sorts of time restraints by offering a completely virtual learning experience.
Now working adults can continue their education, through classes which are taken via the Internet.

Benefits of Online Education

Online education was introduced to bring convenience to students and working adults. There are many noteworthy benefits for the student who is planning or already taking an online course. We have line dup few of them for you.
Ease and Mobility.

Courses are accessible on your schedule
No physical attendance
Learning is based on your pace ( fast or slow its your choice)
You're unbound by time - courses are available 24/7
You're unbound by place - study at home, work, or on the road
Read materials online or download them for reading later
Best for disabled who face mobility problems, they can easily log on to study           online

  Cost and Selection
Choice of wide range of courses to meet your needs
Degree, Vocational and Certificate programs
Continuing Education
Individual courses
Wide range of fee structures to fit your budget


 It has room for your preferences and requirements as it’s student-centered
 Study with help of an instructor or go for self-study courses
 Convenience to skip over material you already know and focus on new topics
 Use the tools best suited to your learning styles

Higher Retention

Online Education solely depends on students’ preference hence they will be drawn to topics they like and enjoy. Research studies show that students taking online courses often have higher retention rates because of the variety of learning and delivery methods that are used to reach them.

Greater Group Effort

Technology tools enhance and make it easier for students to collaborate. Many projects in online education involve collaborative learning, and here the online environment is far easier (and often more comfortable) as students do not have to be face-to-face.

Comprehensive Global Opportunities

With the help of online learning, whole global learning community is at your fingertips. The technologies used give online instructional designers the ability to build in tools that take you to resources which you may never come across in an offline classroom.

Disadvantages of Online Education:

Perceptions/Reputation -- while slowly changing as more and more mainstream           colleges and universities embrace distance learning, there still is a stigma attached           to distance education
Some careers require hands-on learning.
If you’re not self-motivated, online learning may be a struggle.

Why Accredited Online Education Is Important?

Possibly, the best evidence that ensures the credibility of online education and backs the money and time we spend on it, is school’s accredited status. The accreditation process guarantees that the school has been reviewed in terms of its academics, recruiting, admissions, faculty, and more. It indicates us that the institution will provide quality education and continuously work to improve its overall effectiveness and student outcomes.
CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, reminds us that accreditation also serves other purposes beyond assuring academic quality to students and the public.

Accreditation is required for students to gain access to federal funds for grants           and loans in the U.S.
Accreditation makes credit transfer among colleges and universities easier.
Employers look for accreditation status when evaluating credentials of job           applicants and offering financial support to employees

When you see that an institution is accredited by a recognized authority, you can be sure of its integrity and commitment to students.

7 Tips for Success in Effective Distance Learning

1. Set Goals – distance learning is a game of motivation
2. Establish a Regular Study / Learning Schedule – choose the time suitable for you
3. Talk About It – discuss your problems with friends and your teachers or someone     knowledgeable
4. Join A Study Group, This Doesn’t Have To Be Stuffy – try a mentor, a counselor, chat     with people on Internet about distance learning and your courses
5. Know Your Learning Style and Use It – show involvement and practice through your     best style
6. Celebrate Successes – be proud of what you are doing
7. Ask Questions – just ask questions from anyone you might consider learned, he can be    your net friend, but do ask, don’t hesitate.

Why People Don't Enjoy Online Education

Online education has gained great popularity in the recent times because of the convenience and flexibility it offers to its students. This is more particularly significant in the case of working professionals, house wives and military personnel who are particularly bothered by work management issues. But then, this is not the form of education that is meant for everyone. Some might find their respective institutions particularly irrational in continuing with this form of education. There may be various reasons, but the most popular amongst them are under:

Non Social from of Education:

Human beings are by nature social beings and online students may dislike this form of education in particular because of its non social nature. Well, on other cases this might be one of the reasons why some people might enjoy the experience of online education since it enables one to remain anonymous most of the times and avoid face to face interaction most of the times. However, for some individuals the isolation can be very lonely, and they can have a hard time "connecting" with their classmates when they can only dialogue through a message board that lacks a lot of human emotion. 

Lack of Human Interaction

There are a lot of people who don't prefer the online form of education since it lacks the traditional classroom environment that the students have been adamant to. For them it is just something about being in the physical presence of other people that cannot be duplicated on the Internet.

Self Motivation

Some online schools can be particularly demotivating since they may be very compulsive in delivering educational agendas, assignments and other related student material. Since these activities are not particularly enjoyable for most students it is necessary to create motivation on their own and online education desperately lacks that. Therefore, some people may need to create their own motivation, so that they do not procrastinate and end up behind in the class.  Despite the relative convenience of the online experience, it can still be difficult for some people, which is why online classes are not popular with everyone.

However some well reputed schools, such as Kaplan, WAC offer the most convenient form of education for most of their enrolled students and this is how they have been successful in delivering education that is a class apart.

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online degrees “I wasn’t aware that a degree can change one’s professional life until I earned an online MBA degree.
Since then I have received an interview call from majority of the agencies where I apply. It’s just great to be an MBA without hassles of going to the campus. I’m really glad that I went for it.

Stephan Brown, MBA in Advertising

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