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Life Experience Degree and Work Experience Degree

Life Experience Degrees / Work Experience Degrees

It’s true that having a degree from a university is very important for a successful career. But for people who are already working may find it difficult to stop doing what they are currently doing and go back to college or university for a new degree or a certificate. Here life experience degrees or work experience degrees help!

What Are Life Experience Degrees?
Universal Acceptance
Accreditation and Life Experience Degrees
How to obtain a life experience degree?
Pros & Cons of Getting a Life Experience Degree
Top Ten Universities Offering Life Experience Degree Programs

What Are Life Experience Degrees?

Life experience degrees or work experience degree are degrees that individuals can obtain through their past experiences in a related field. These degrees are specially designed for adults and professionals who have an ample amount of experience in their respective fields but due to various reasons could not get a professional degree.

It’s for those career-oriented individuals who need to switch their jobs but don’t have a degree to support their change. It’s for those students who leave their educational path mid-way to pursue jobs and want to enhance their career with a degree.
The concept of ‘Degrees on the basis of Life Experience or Work Experience’ originated in 1987 and was evolved from the philosophy of getting some course credits on the basis of experience as offered by the top schools of United States of America.
These degrees are excellent resume builders and by getting one relevant experience based degree, you will be able to prove yourself with the desired job or a promotion. It is a big prospect for international students who want to earn their degree from their home without traveling all over to any other country or state.

Earning this degree is highly flexible and time saving, as you won’t need to attend any classes, take exams, get admission, or study books it is purely earned on your professional experience in your academic career or past job or training in military, personal hobbies or vocational training.

Universal Acceptance

Although Life Experience Degrees or Work Experience Degrees is a form of online education that provides opportunity to career acceleration which would otherwise be impossible for thousands of competent working individuals. However, its not as good as it sounds. There is a deception associated with the program offered by some online institutes. Lately a large number of cases have been reported online in which individuals after earning their desired life experience degree or work experience degree found out that their degrees were not accepted because they were not received from an accredited institution.

Accreditation and Life Experience Degrees

Obtaining an accredited degree or continuing your education at an accredited school maybe one of the factors that could land you the job of your dreams. Universities that seek out the proper accreditation in their region, have taken it upon themselves to secure a standard of quality.

To develop guidelines and perform evaluations, there are a few agencies that work on national and regional level and are termed as Accrediting associations. It is imperative to understand that accreditation confirms that the degree providing institute meets a set of national standards that ensures the quality of the program. Some of the online universities and their affiliated colleges that are associated with these ruling accrediting committees provide authentic and accredited degrees.

Not having recognized and accredited degree by any accrediting organizations may cause one to lose one’s money, effort and time. To avoid this situation, it is critical on the part of individual to ascertain degree providing institute’s affiliation with a recognized educational ruling body, and also check accreditation of life experience degree or experience degree before deciding to go for it.

How to obtain a life experience degree?

You can apply for a life experience degrees or experience degrees to help boost your resume. Many times, companies will only hire people who have specific degrees for a job. If you are not ready to take years of schooling for a degree, you may be able to qualify for life experience degrees. Each course credit necessary for completion has a detailed description of the skills and knowledge necessary for acceptance. These degrees are delivered within a matter of two weeks.

Pros & Cons of Getting a Life Experience Degree

Life Experience Degree and Work Experience Degree Prospective raise in salary
Life Experience Degree and Work Experience Degree Competitive edge over other people who are applying for the same job
Become eligible for teaching at a lower-division college level or administrating at            a school (depending upon the focus of your degree)
Fast and Comprehensive education programs through the internet without           hassles of college attendance
What is credit and how can I earn it?
An income raise by the number of graduate credits even before you get your life           experience based diploma, if you are a teacher or an administrator
Continue to work full-time and spend time with your family while earning your           degree.

The biggest disadvantage of getting a life experience degree may be that the           educational institution or your employer may not accept your degree and the           institution from which it is taken.
School is expensive and your salary increase may not be able to pay back your           tuition for many years
Perceptions/Reputation -- while slowly changing as more and more mainstream           colleges and universities embrace distance learning, there still is a stigma
          attached to distance education and life experience degrees.
One of biggest issues in getting a life experience degree is whether the degree           is received from an accredited institution. If its not, then it’s a wastage of your           money and time.

Top Ten Universities Offering Life Experience Degree Programs

Walden University
Belford University
Breyer State University
Bronte International University
Concordia College & University
Redding university
Rochville University
Ashwood University
Suffield University

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Stephan Brown, MBA in Advertising

Life Experience Degrees  Did You Know?
Over a lifetime a degree
holder can earn over
$1 million in extra income.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Population Surveys, March 1998, 1999, and 2000

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